2018 – the year of World (Road) Home schooling and full timing adventures

Wow I can’t believe it’s 2018 already. This year is going to be one of the most life changing I have had in my 37 years on planet Earth and that’s saying something with what I have managed to pack in and experience in my life so far, both positive and negative! 2018 also marks just over 10 years since my wife and I cut short our round the World backpacking trip (more here) and having stayed in one place for the longest we have ever done as a couple (just over 5 years!) we are going to be withdrawing our 3 children from their brilliant school, packing everything we haven’t thrown away into our attic before renting out our wonderful family home and heading off in Lightning our motorhome to explore Europe for 12 months or so 🙂 We will be World Schooling the kids on the road in […]

Stop Procrastinating – hack laziness

Can highly recommend this book by the same guy who wrote two of the most helpful articles I have read in the last few years: How to Be Happy – 26 Strategies Backed by Research and Stoicism – Great introduction to this great way of thinking Best of all it’s only 99p at the moment or free on Kindle Unlimited! Click here to get: Stop Procrastinating: A Simple Guide to Hacking Laziness, Building Self Discipline, and Overcoming Procrastination

Sun and Co Coworking and Coliving in Spain

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a space to work and live at Sun and Co the coworking and coliving space in Jávea / Xàbia in Spain when they were celebrating their two year anniversary and haven’t had a chance to write about my time there until now… Jávea Jávea itself is a small coastal town North of Alicante which I travelled to from Alicante airport via a hire car I had pre booked from the UK for under €50 for the week! I was there in early October and apart from one day we had a consistent temperature of 25c or above every day which was exactly what I was looking for coming from an autumnal UK and lacking in vitamin D! The town itself has a large mountain called Montgó looming over it which from one side looks like a Gorilla’s face staring up […]

Is the ‘Digital Nomad’ label good or bad?

Read this post this morning which discussed the evolution of the ‘Digital Nomad’ label and what they are now looking to try and focus more on – another new label which they are calling the slowmad . I left the following comment on the post and would be interested to hear your thoughts – do you think the ‘Digital Nomad’ label is a good thing or bad thing overall? As someone who was “a backpacker with a laptop” way back in 2006 and managed to run my online businesses as I travelled the World with very basic GPRS internet and occasional WiFi I have loved watching the whole ‘scene’ take off over the last few years. I don’t think without the catchy ‘Digital Nomad’ label it would have inspired so many people to try and change their own lives or others to create such great coworking and coliving spaces as […]

First annual Worldschool Village

Yesterday I had the privilege of playing a very small part in helping with some gardening before the first Worldschool Village takes place next week at Kurukan in the Marina Alta area of Valencia Spain where I’m currently coworking at Sun and Co. What is the Worldschool Village? Well, it is a gathering of families who, regardless of their provenance or language, want to live, work and learn in freedom. They are coming together to learn from each other, collaborate in the long or short-term, enjoy themselves and continue making progress. Some call this co-working or co-living…at the end of the day, it’s a gathering where families can share their experiences. And this means we now have co-living in Spain!   So if you are interested in finding out more make sure you check out the links above and I hope to actually be able to attend the second Worldschool Village next year with my […]

Human Beings NOT Human Doings

Taking the time to be and doing nothing – appreciating what you have, living in the moment are all important aspects of the various mindfulness articles and NHS advice I have found myself reading over the last few months after becoming pretty low in my personal life which forced me to reevaluate my whole being with this web site one of the results. Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally. Jon Kabt-Zinn Depression does not care about wealth, family, success or material possessions and men especially are not very good about talking about their ‘feelings’ and ’emotions’ which is why male suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK and campaigns such as this are SO important. ”…of the 6,000+ British lives lost to suicide each year, nearly 75 per cent of those are male.” Modern Life is […]

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