I’m father to 3 children (who are now 13, 11 and 8 years old) who, in 2018 (see here), set off to live differently again, moving from one place to another to show the children the World is an amazing and beautiful place. I was NOT looking to withdraw my children from all education and let them grow feral though…


I decided with my then wife to Homeschool / Worldschool after Roadschool (or whatever term makes the most sent to you – if ANY do!) the children in order to give each of them an individualised education using the World as their extended classroom.


UK Education is amazing comparatively to many places in the World and UK teachers and other school staff do a great job but I strongly feel the education system is still set up to churn out identical obedient workers who don’t question the status quo enough. Little minds across England are being forced to learn ridiculous grammar rules instead of being able to fully enjoy their childhood like they do in other countries like Finland. Those who don’t fit into the rigid boxes the National Curriculum dictates here in England are told they are failures at 7 years old and coupled with the chronic under funding of English schools there aren’t enough staff to allow tiny minds to question and be confident enough to generate the ideas needed to transform OUR future in their ever larger class sizes.


We are living in the age of the Internet which has transformed most of the lives of the 7.5 Billion people on our planet in some way or another be it how the crops people farm are sold, where the goods people make are exported or the devices we all seem to crave to stay connected to it.

I am very fortunate that I have taught myself how to make a living and provide for my family just by using my laptop wherever I am am in the World since going self employed way back in 2005. My hard work and long hours over these years has also rewarded me with many regular clients that trust me to get their work done no matter where I am.

By taking that first leap of leaving the security of full time paid employment many years ago, self employment has also allowed me to choose when and who I work with and I was looking to continue this whilst also being able to share more time with my children whilst travelling.

Working on a laptop in a motorhome, from cafés, co-working places or apartments was and is hard and takes a certain type of discipline but I truly believe by starting small, say working remotely one day a week for your current employer, that anyone that works primarily online / via the phone can also become part of the ‘digital nomad’ movement.

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