2000+ external kms and 1000s of internal miles

So the last blog post I wrote here was in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland on September 1st, 2018! I did warn regular readers a while ago I would not be a prolific blog poster 🙂 Since that last Swiss post though, I thought in this post I would try and give you some ‘stats’ to try and cover what I have been up to in this time that you might not have picked up from my more frequent posts on my social media accounts on  Facebook Twitter Instagram alone. Most of these aren’t very scientific and a lot are simply based on gut instinct but nevertheless hopefully these will in someway convey what I obviously am incapable of doing in the traditional travel blogging way! Number of days since last post 99 External miles I have driven 2000+ kms Number of punctures on the tyres of our motorhome 1 Internal miles I have […]

I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…

It’s now been 4 weeks since we left our comfortable life back home with a lovely coastal UK family home, great neighbours, brilliant local primary school and really good friends with a crazy (to most) plan to live, work, cook, eat, sleep, relax and homeschool in a 7m (22ft) long motorhome for 12 months or so. I have tried to explain the reasons for this seemingly puzzling decision to many people multiple times since we went public with it several months ago but I think the best way I currently do so is by saying yes we were all comfortable and safe but we weren’t really living – only existing. Being self employed for over 13 years meant I am used to taking calculated risks having broke free of the shackles (and relative security) of being told when, where and how I can earn money as has my wife more recently. […]

8 days into part 1 of our adventures – roadschooling in the Scottish Highlands

So it’s been 8 days since we set off on our first mini holiday as a test in our motorhome around Scotland before we are on the road full time for 12 months all around mainland Europe. I’m pleased to say not only have we survived but we are all thriving! I’m even more amazed we are all adjusting to life on the road so well as we have not had the best of weather to accompany us on part 1 of our adventures which has included snow, ice, sleet and heavy rain but thankfully our Rimor Trimarano motorhome we have called Lightning has performed faultlessly. The on board Gaslow refillable LPG coupled with the Truma combi water and air heater has kept Lightning toasty warm when the outside temperatures dropped or failed to even get mildy warm!. The children have already learnt so much in such a sort space […]

2018 – the year of World (Road) Home schooling and full timing adventures

Wow I can’t believe it’s 2018 already. This year is going to be one of the most life changing I have had in my 37 years on planet Earth and that’s saying something with what I have managed to pack in and experience in my life so far, both positive and negative! 2018 also marks just over 10 years since my wife and I cut short our round the World backpacking trip (more here) and having stayed in one place for the longest we have ever done as a couple (just over 5 years!) we are going to be withdrawing our 3 children from their brilliant school, packing everything we haven’t thrown away into our attic before renting out our wonderful family home and heading off in Lightning our motorhome to explore Europe for 12 months or so 🙂 We will be World Schooling the kids on the road in […]

First annual Worldschool Village

Yesterday I had the privilege of playing a very small part in helping with some gardening before the first Worldschool Village takes place next week at Kurukan in the Marina Alta area of Valencia Spain where I’m currently coworking at Sun and Co. What is the Worldschool Village? Well, it is a gathering of families who, regardless of their provenance or language, want to live, work and learn in freedom. They are coming together to learn from each other, collaborate in the long or short-term, enjoy themselves and continue making progress. Some call this co-working or co-living…at the end of the day, it’s a gathering where families can share their experiences. And this means we now have co-living in Spain!   So if you are interested in finding out more make sure you check out the links above and I hope to actually be able to attend the second Worldschool Village next year with my […]