8 days into part 1 of our adventures – roadschooling in the Scottish Highlands

So it’s been 8 days since we set off on our first mini holiday as a test in our motorhome around Scotland before we are on the road full time for 12 months all around mainland Europe. I’m pleased to say not only have we survived but we are all thriving!

I’m even more amazed we are all adjusting to life on the road so well as we have not had the best of weather to accompany us on part 1 of our adventures which has included snow, ice, sleet and heavy rain but thankfully our Rimor Trimarano motorhome we have called Lightning has performed faultlessly. The on board Gaslow refillable LPG coupled with the Truma combi water and air heater has kept Lightning toasty warm when the outside temperatures dropped or failed to even get mildy warm!.

The children have already learnt so much in such a sort space of time via their homeschooling / worldschooling / roadschooling including how lock gates work, that the AMAZING Falkirk Wheel only takes a few kettle’s worth of electricity to lift an entire boat and water up and down as well as all about dolphins whilst seeing them swim free in the sea! They have also sung at a random cheildhi organised by the lovely owner of http://www.thewheelcaravanpark.co.uk , made 3 new friends with the lovely dogs we have looked after via the incredible Trustedhousesitters as well as do some of the standard school work via their workbooks.

Below are some brief pics I have pulled out to show our first week or so away but make sure you also follow my social media accounts below to stay up to date:

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