2000+ external kms and 1000s of internal miles

So the last blog post I wrote here was in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland on September 1st, 2018! I did warn regular readers a while ago I would not be a prolific blog poster 🙂 Since that last Swiss post though, I thought in this post I would try and give you some ‘stats’ to try and cover what I have been up to in this time that you might not have picked up from my more frequent posts on my social media accounts on  Facebook Twitter Instagram alone. Most of these aren’t very scientific and a lot are simply based on gut instinct but nevertheless hopefully these will in someway convey what I obviously am incapable of doing in the traditional travel blogging way! Number of days since last post 99 External miles I have driven 2000+ kms Number of punctures on the tyres of our motorhome 1 Internal miles I have… Click Here to Read More

The Swiss mountain train

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Woohooo we are in the Swiss countryside / mountains and it reminds me a lot of Norway and our campsite has waterfalls all around which is a good thing ❤️👏 Seems like our luck with the weather has run out (for now) as the drive in would have been even more stunning. The weather is meant to improve over the next few days so🤞

House Sit

House Sitting in Sweden – for too long!

Apologies for the lack of proper updates recently but as we are now literally counting the hours down till we can get back on the road in Lightning our motorhome I thought now was a good time to let you know what we have been up to… We have now been ‘static’ at a house sit looking after someone else’s 6 dogs & a cat for nearly 3 weeks and both myself and Mrs Nomadic Dad are climbing the walls! When we excitedly got in touch with the the pet’s owners above via Trusted House Sitters several weeks ago we thought looking after the animals in a large 7 bedroom house in the Swedish countryside was an amazing opportunity as it would give us all, but mainly the kids, some much needed space after living in a 7m long motorhome for several months already. However what we didn’t think about was how… Click Here to Read More

Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) Norway

Super quick post to add some better images to the panoramic one I added on social media earlier. I’m doing this whilst I’m still trying to come down mentally from climbing Pulpit Rock today as a family of 5 (kids 10, 9 and 5) plus 11 1/2 year old dog hiked (or in dogs case carried a lot by me) for nearly 3 hours up to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). Our hard effort was rewarded with apparently the clearest day for several weeks and I don’t think I have ever been prouder of my kids than today as they didn’t whinge all the way and were super sensible at the top 🙂


Denmark to Norway

Wow I can’t quite believe it was only 3 weeks since my last blog post as we have fit so much into the last few weeks and I think it’s been the best 3 weeks of our trip so far. We felt we really explored the areas of Denmark we were going through on our way to Norway and will also hopefully get to see the East over towards Copenhagen on our way back down. We all really enjoyed Denmark and a definite highlight for the children was Lego House and Legoland with my own personal highlight being the abandoned lighthouse within drifting dunes. Overall though the landscape felt a bit too flat for me – a bit like the Netherlands but less canals and dikes to break things up. The coastal areas are amazingly beautiful and nothing felt too busy which might be due to the time of year we… Click Here to Read More

Small beach huts in Eckernförde in Northern Germany.

My new normal

I’m sat typing this blog post at the start of week 10 in Ribe Denmark – yes TEN WEEKS since we left our comfy home life to live full time in a motorhome as a family of 5 (plus a small Jack Russell dog) and this is only the 4th proper blog post I have done in that time! I have been much more ‘prolific’ sharing my experiences in this time via my social media accounts on  Facebook Twitter Instagram however even so I think it’s safe to say at this stage Nomadic Dad is not going to be the next high profile travel blogging superstar 🙂 Hopefully though if you are still reading this then you are happy to carry on reading my occasional ramblings via here, click on links to things I find interesting via the above social media accounts as well as look at the pictures I take… Click Here to Read More

Dank je wel and guten tag

I have just noticed it’s been over 3 weeks since I did an ACTUAL blog post compared to the random pics I post more often via Facebook Twitter Instagram so here is a quick update post… Dank je wel After leaving our lovely family and friends for the second time in a few months due to our quick trip home for the motorhome MOT but having to stay outside our lovely friend’s house in our motorhome as ours is being rented out, we boarded the ferry to the Netherlands early in May and drove to the AMAZING Duinrell water and theme park. Duinrell is NOT your average camp site as the price included free access to the theme park (mini Alton Towers) PLUS if you book via their own web site you get 3 hours free use of their Tiki water park each day which was the best I have ever been in!… Click Here to Read More

Youngest having a rest on the Isle of Skye

I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…

It’s now been 4 weeks since we left our comfortable life back home with a lovely coastal UK family home, great neighbours, brilliant local primary school and really good friends with a crazy (to most) plan to live, work, cook, eat, sleep, relax and homeschool in a 7m (22ft) long motorhome for 12 months or so. I have tried to explain the reasons for this seemingly puzzling decision to many people multiple times since we went public with it several months ago but I think the best way I currently do so is by saying yes we were all comfortable and safe but we weren’t really living – only existing. Being self employed for over 13 years meant I am used to taking calculated risks having broke free of the shackles (and relative security) of being told when, where and how I can earn money as has my wife more recently.… Click Here to Read More

Spey Bay

8 days into part 1 of our adventures – roadschooling in the Scottish Highlands

So it’s been 8 days since we set off on our first mini holiday as a test in our motorhome around Scotland before we are on the road full time for 12 months all around mainland Europe. I’m pleased to say not only have we survived but we are all thriving! I’m even more amazed we are all adjusting to life on the road so well as we have not had the best of weather to accompany us on part 1 of our adventures which has included snow, ice, sleet and heavy rain but thankfully our Rimor Trimarano motorhome we have called Lightning has performed faultlessly. The on board Gaslow refillable LPG coupled with the Truma combi water and air heater has kept Lightning toasty warm when the outside temperatures dropped or failed to even get mildy warm!. The children have already learnt so much in such a sort space… Click Here to Read More

Atlantic Ocean Road - photo via Stenar Melby
Atlantic Ocean Road - photo via Stenar Melby

Two weeks left and the long goodbyes

I’m sat writing this with a hangover after having a big night out with the other dads from the street where we have lived for the last 5 years. This was a much bigger night out than normal as it’s now only 2 weeks until we head off for a year in Lightning our motorhome and I think they wanted to make sure I had enough beer to last me whilst I’m away! We truly have some great neighbours here and I feel even in suburbia we have managed to help really build a sense of community by organising street sports days, offering baby sitting for each other and having plenty of mums and dads nights out. It has taken a lot of time and effort to create such a sense of community but I think this is possible wherever you are and by doing so it can make a… Click Here to Read More

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