Blog updates

So as anyone that has stuck around here since I launched this a few years ago knows I’m not great with standard blog updates – I’m much better at doing quick social media posts with a nice picture attached.

However this quick post is just to put it our there that my intention is to update this site to be more generic rather than the focus on the what led to our recent Worldschooling in a motorhome trip as that is now over and we are all on a different path but still Worldschooling.

First up for an overhaul is the link to my Where? page which links to my overall Nomadic Dad Polarsteps account rather than our incredible but now past time living full time in a motorhome. You can still see the full details of this trip under the Trips area of this page but can now also see other trips I have made both before AND after becoming a father.

Next up will be grouping all the blog content I wrote relating to the time in a motorhome into one section / category / menu and updating the My Tribe areas etc.

Let’s see how long it takes me to manifest the above intention 😉

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