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As a self employed father of 3 children it has taken me many years to finally realise that what I have been striving for most of my life which is what I'm going to call a Life Nomad: A person who has given themselves the freedom to make full use...

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Travelling with our then 3 & 18 month year old children in Thailand
Travelling with my then, 3 month & 18 month year old children in Thailand

Welcome to my home on the interwebs šŸ™‚

Iā€™m Andy, aka Nomadic Dad and a few years ago, at the grand old age of 36 years, I decided to start this site to chronicle my life’s journey to hopefully maybe help others who find themselves ‘lost’ in some way whether due to work, family, stress and or childhood trauma related issues.

Click about the site to find out more about me, my children and my adventures as well as what I am currently up to.

Also please make sure you keep an eye on the following social media accounts which is where I can often be found posting about things relating to trying to help reshape Work & Education so both adults & children can be happier.

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