2020 and beyond

Sun set
The sun setting again in Spain as well as on a long and important chapter of my life’s story

I have been even quieter on the blog post front than normal the last few months but as close friends and family have known for a while this has been due to some life ‘reconfiguration’ my end…

Unfortunately once we all settled in Spain for a few months, at the end of 2019, a lot of marital issues arose again. After much soul searching both myself and my wife decided to “consciously uncouple” as Gwyneth and Chris termed their separation several years ago and described in detail here on Gwyneth’s goop site.

I am not sure what 2020 and the future will bring but what I do know is that I want to be around my 3 amazing children for as much of their lives as I can to enable them to lead as fulfilling and happy lives as possible 🙏

I also know I want to continue to align myself as much as possible with my own Life Nomad definition…

“A person who has given themselves the freedom to make full use of their skills to live the life of their choosing wherever this may be with integrity”

Nomadic Dad, Digital and Life Nomad

I also wish you and your loved ones the best for 2020 and beyond 👍

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