Hasta luego Spain

La Herradura

So two posts in less than a month – what’s going on!?

Well, writing this as I take a break from packing all our stuff up, in order to try and squeeze it all back into Lightning our trusty motorhome after nearly 12 months away (!!!!) we have some exciting news…

First up though, I need to explain that we have been privately considering several options for us as a family for the rest of 2019:

  1. One was heading off to Italy, Greece and Croatia this time doing similar to what we have just done over the last year in Lightning but exploring eastern Europe.
  2. Another was settling down back home in Newcastle so our eldest could start the great local high school in year 7 whilst at least one of the girls would be homeschooled.
  3. The other option was somehow return back to La Herradura in the beautiful Andalucia to get to know the area and community even more as we have all loved our time here.

The family as a whole decided we weren’t quite ready to return to ‘normal’ life back home yet and also that living full time in a motorhome only a few months after getting back wouldn’t be the best option so we have chosen option 3 😃

The final decider was that we found an AMAZING house that was available to rent for several months and have now signed on the dotted line to be back in La Herradura full time around August 😎

The view from the house…

I have written about La Herradura a little bit before however below is a video I found on Facebook via someone else which should hopefully go someway to explain why in addition to the house above, option 3 was so appealing to us…

This option will obviously have its challenges like all decisions individuals and families make together but overall, as a family we think this is the best decision for us all over the next few months. 🙏

Note: We are NOT planning to live here full time forever 😃

Our eldest especially wasn’t keen on more home / world / road schooling but was super keen to be back in a more ‘normal’ educational setting so is actually going to be starting Spanish high school! We are all aware this will be challenging for him but we all think this something he is definitely capable of and we, along with the great school here will do our best to support him as he tries ‘normal’ education again – albeit in Spanish which he has taken to learning brilliantly the last few months 👏

I personally have a lot more work on this year so won’t be posting as many interesting #TodaysOffice #DigitalNomad style pics as I will static a lot more but when I’m not working, the Spanish lifestyle and in particular the Costa Tropical climate here will allow us as a family to spend more quality time together outside. By also basing ourselves here it will also allow us to explore the incredible places all around us here which we have only really just scratched the surface. For example, in Winter we can be on the beach in the morning and just over an hour’s drive away be skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Grenada 😲

So that’s our news and we are REALLY looking forward to being home in the UK from April to catch up with all our wonderful UK friends and family. We also hope to be able to share our new second home with some of you if you are near Granada / Malaga or can get flights over to us later in the year!

We have no idea what 2020 will hold but at least we now have an exciting firm plan for the rest of 2019 😁

2 thoughts on “Hasta luego Spain

  1. Dear all – thanks for your update which filled in details I had heard from Jon… La Herradura looks beautiful & can quite see why you wish to return !! ( I might very well land on your doorstep !! ) Huge well done to C – brave decision to go for secondary school in Spain – but he will cope brilliantly, I’m sure! So looking forward to seeing you all in Uk.
    Loads of love
    Granty/Anty Jan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. What exciting news! We have so enjoyed following your journey and definitely plan on visiting your new Spanish home a little later this year. Also, wishing your eldest the very best of luck for his first year of (Spanish) high school

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