Is the ‘Digital Nomad’ label good or bad?

Read this post this morning which discussed the evolution of the ‘Digital Nomad’ label and what they are now looking to try and focus more on – another new label which they are calling the slowmad .

I left the following comment on the post and would be interested to hear your thoughts – do you think the ‘Digital Nomad’ label is a good thing or bad thing overall?

As someone who was “a backpacker with a laptop” way back in 2006 and managed to run my online businesses as I travelled the World with very basic GPRS internet and occasional WiFi I have loved watching the whole ‘scene’ take off over the last few years.

I don’t think without the catchy ‘Digital Nomad’ label it would have inspired so many people to try and change their own lives or others to create such great coworking and coliving spaces as there are now.

Personally, I’m super thankful I stumbled across the term ‘Digital Nomad’ in a mainstream news article 2 years ago as everyone involved has enabled me to dip back into this life again, albeit part time when my family commitments allow at the moment.


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