Make money online with YOUR existing skills

learn how to make money online

I’m writing this quick post to point you to the following article I have found myself sending to several people in January whilst still sat here in the UK which for those that don’t know is a time of DARK mornings, DARK nights and very cold weather which can feel pretty depressing!

This article linked to in this blog post is hopefully the exact inspiration needed for those looking to try and earn some modest money online during 2018 either as the start of a new path in life or simply to just earn a little extra bonus cash to put towards something YOU are aiming for in 2018!

Hopefully this will come just in time to stop you just sitting on the sofa feeling depressed, searching for the next boxset to binge on whilst trying desperately to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions 🙂

Nial Doherty, the article’s author, who has LOADS of other awesome content on his site and seems like an all round good egg, goes into great depth to explain how to identify where you could possibly start making money online using the above 3 basic pointers in the image and typed below for you:

  1. Something you enjoy doing (or at least don’t hate)
  2. Something you can do (or learn to do) better than most people
  3. Something there is an established market for

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