Denmark to Norway

Wow I can’t quite believe it was only 3 weeks since my last blog post as we have fit so much into the last few weeks and I think it’s been the best 3 weeks of our trip so far.

We felt we really explored the areas of Denmark we were going through on our way to Norway and will also hopefully get to see the East over towards Copenhagen on our way back down. We all really enjoyed Denmark and a definite highlight for the children was Lego House and Legoland with my own personal highlight being the abandoned lighthouse within drifting dunes. Overall though the landscape felt a bit too flat for me – a bit like the Netherlands but less canals and dikes to break things up. The coastal areas are amazingly beautiful and nothing felt too busy which might be due to the time of year we were exploring rather than the low population.

If Denmark was relatively flat then Norway so far has been AWEsome in the truest sense of the word. The landscape is so rugged and reminds me in places of Thai island’s geography mixed with the mountains and film set style backdrops of New Zealand. Everywhere we have been so far has stunning fjords and lakes which makes the Lake District back at home seem a bit crap in comparison!

If anyone is planning a visit then make sure you take the coastal and mountain pass between Kristiansand and Flekkefjord as it was the best drive I think I have ever done which includes the Great Ocean Road in Australia, the Amalfi Coast in Italy and the Austrian Alps and we didn’t make it further North on that coast to the bit marked as an area of outstanding natural beauty 🙂

Some pics below of the last few weeks and typing this SUPER excited for the forthcoming weeks we have in Noway.


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