Dank je wel and guten tag

I have just noticed it’s been over 3 weeks since I did an ACTUAL blog post compared to the random pics I post more often via Facebook Twitter Instagram so here is a quick update post…

Dank je wel

After leaving our lovely family and friends for the second time in a few months due to our quick trip home for the motorhome MOT but having to stay outside our lovely friend’s house in our motorhome as ours is being rented out, we boarded the ferry to the Netherlands early in May and drove to the AMAZING Duinrell water and theme park. Duinrell is NOT your average camp site as the price included free access to the theme park (mini Alton Towers) PLUS if you book via their own web site you get 3 hours free use of their Tiki water park each day which was the best I have ever been in! My personal highlights of Duinrell were the X-stream and Cycloon water slides and the Falcon roller coaster.

After the adrenaline packed Duinrell we headed North and stayed in 2 really nice sites with lots of open spaces and trees but another horrible one that didn’t even provide soap and EVERYTHING was extra – avoid Camping ‘T Venhop! We also used these campsites as based to also explore Amsterdam, Haarlem and Hoorn with me even finally using the fold up bike I brought with me a few times 🙂

We have now left the super friendly Netherlands and in the north of Germany but had a brilliant time exploring the country as much as we could and an added bonus our diesel went down due to the lack of hills!

Guten Tag

We are now in the north of Germany near Bremen and found a nice but rather random campsite which most importantly has outdoor swimming pools to help us cool off from the 28c or so heat we seem to have been lucky to have here at the moment. The plan is to head further north from here to Denmark next before really exploring Germany later in the year on our way back down.

Some pics I like below…




3 thoughts on “Dank je wel and guten tag

  1. Great to read your blog Andy, and hear your stories and see the pics ! looking forward to next bulletin ! Much love to all XXXX

  2. SOOO inspiring, I’m jealous! WELL done on thinking outside the box and giving your family such wonderful life adventures.

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